Whispering Palms Condominium

Mumbai, India, 2005
Site Area   :   73,900 sqm
Building Type   :   Condominium
Building Height   :   23 Storey + Basement
Gross Floor Area   :   168,746 sqm
Total No. Of Units   :   332

Whispering Palms is a prestigious residential development within a setting of natural landscape and scenic park. A strong emphasis is placed on living in natural setting by creating an environment that is in tune with nature.

The 21-storey linear tower blocks sit atop a lush landscaped deck, embracing a private internal garden for recreational activities on the 2nd storey podium with provision of car park below.

The design inspiration is drawn from the classical attributes of balance, order and harmony which provide genesis for modern interpretations. A new system of artistic creation has been adopted to embrace the aesthetic of variety and contemporary composition. The general architectural language is being kept linear and compositional with a balance of elegance.

The building facade is carefully sculpted to accentuate the profile of the build form with a modern composition of layers and proportions achieved by subtle interplay of louvred screens, windows, balconies and planters.

The grand club house entrance features with a breath-taking waterfall and an internal glass lift brings you to a grand club lounge on the 2nd storey. The club lounge is expressed as a floating glass pavilion, setting along the grand axis of the lush landscape to form the visual and physical spine.