Wallfort Heights Condominium

Raipur, India, 2011
Site Area   :   57,000 sqm
Building Type   :   Condominium
Building Height   :   8 Storey
Gross Floor Area   :   114,000 sqm
Total No. Of Units   :   707

In an approach for a more poetic and liveable environment, we attempted to create the central spine of the site as the heart of the community and developed the outer layers based accordingly on its spatial significance. The core, as a living green environment with lush greenery, will serve as the focus for the entire site. This includes a club house, pool and events area.

The rectilinear architectural blocks forming the outer layer, comprises of 23 blocks with 8 storeys each, serves as a perimeter of the central spine. As a result, Vehicular circulation is restricted to the outer perimeter of the site. The central lushly landscaped central spine provides a safer environment for the children. In addition, the loose arrangement of clustered blocks allows multiple access to the core. The western side as the main entrance for the site and the northern and southern area as additional opening for fire access.

Each block was designed to provide, from ground to roof deck, a central common area to promote interaction. All bedrooms and living rooms are located along the outer perimeter of each block. This approach then maximizes the view and ventilation. A practical and economical solution both that achieve to maximize view and safety.