House II, 77 Springleaf Garden

Singapore, 2005
Site Area   :   427 sqm
Building Type   :   Terrace House
Building Height   :   3 Storey
Gross Floor Area   :   477 sqm

Situated in a residential community in the northern region of Singapore, the three-storey semi-detached house is designed for a family who shares the appreciation of modern architecture and allows for a genuinely intuitive design approach by the architect.

The form of the house is intricately sculpted with the true expression of internal space. Besides the deliberate expression of the form, there is a balance of solid and transparency which adds hierarchy to the massing and defines the spatial and structural order of the house.

The interplay of rectangular volumes, expressed in different materials, textures, and colours, sliding past one another forms the basic massing composition. Other rectilinear elements, such as walls, car porch, louvres, canopies, and roof trellis, are introduced to juxtapose in its own practical way.

The internal planning of the house is designed with a careful consideration of light and ventilation. The first storey living and dining rooms are seamlessly integrated with the side terrace. An open dry kitchen adjacent to the dining room provides a visual extension. There is an open courtyard on the 2nd and 3rd storey allowing light and air to penetrate. A therapeutic roof garden is placed at the top to take advantage of the scenic neighbourhood.