Orchid Condominium

Mumbai, 2008
Site Area   :   14,000 sqm
Building Type   :   Condominium
Building Height   :   24 Storey
Gross Floor Area   :   23,336 sqm
Total No. of Units   :   105

The general architectural language is being kept linear and compositional as a base for the entire development.  The vertically expressed structural frame interlaced with the horizontal ties is being externalised forming the outer layer on the facade.  It latticed structural frames adds hierarchy to the massing and redefines the spatial and structural order of the building block.  The program of the apartment units is organized discreetly behind the structural frame, giving all the spaces of the apartments an unexpected amplitude.

The full glazed rooms permit views to the outside which are balanced and framed by more massive solid forms at the outer layer.  There is a subtle dialogue between open and closed spaces behind the facade, with each element enhanced by the play of contrasts and transitions in materials.