House V, 41 Lentor Vale

Singapore, 2015
Site Area   :   540 sqm
Building Type   :   Bungalow
Building Height   :   3 Storey + Basement + Attic
Gross Floor Area   :   640 sqm

This 3-storey bungalow, with a basement carpark and an attic, is nestled in a tranquil residential neighbourhood. The design of the facade is articulated with alternating protruded and recessed elements to create visual variance. The lush open landscaped areas complement the open- concept planning approach and enhance the building's linear contemporary manifestation. Each room is laced with full-height glass doors and windows that create their own distinct views of the surrounding areas. The transparent accents of the structure provide seamless transition from the internal living areas to the outdoors. The private garden and koi pond provide an ambient backdrop for relaxation and meditation.