House VI, 6 Ewart Park

Singapore, 2016
Site Area   :   1,714 sqm
Building Type   :   Good Class Boungalow
Building Height   :   2 Storey + Basement + Attic
Gross Floor Area   :   1,580 sqm

The design of the house redefines modern vernacular living. The dynamic form of the house embraces the site terrain to create a picturesque and compelling composition. The existing mature trees at the site are conserved to provide shade to the outdoor terraces and screening to private spaces on the upper floors. The external architectural treatment of the house is sensitive to the internal functions of public and private domains. Whist maximising light and ventilation to the various spaces, screens are strategically designed to minimise heat infiltration.

The architectural order of the spaces focus on creating a sense of living within nature and flexibility of use. Whist indulging in various activities, the architecture blurs the boundary of internal and external to give a sense of living in nature within the urban city.