House VII 44 Dunbar Walk

Singapore, 2016
Site Area   :   781 sqm
Building Type   :   Bungalow
Building Height   :   2 Storey + Basement
Gross Floor Area   :   1000 sqm

The courtyard house is located in a 2 -1/2 storey mixed-landed residential district, on the eastern part of Singapore. While seeking to readapt the Si He Yuan or sometimes referred to as Chinese Quadangles which commonly found in northern regions of China, to a detached house typology in an urbanized tropical context. The relationship between the external boundary and core is being express through the house. Like any traditional courtyard typology, while the well-ventilated outdoor space which also intended as an extension of the family space, the inner core remain private and secure. While the site is nestled in a dense tropical environment, the courtyard is tranquil and contemplative.

The house is design with low maintenance materials such as Corten steel and fair-faced concrete to express a comparatively raw materiality throughout while affording long-term economic advantages. The interior spaces in the house are essential and raw in their execution, naked concrete walls, dark grey concrete flooring and steel staircase. Material finishes and edges were detailed carefully to tie together with the formal concept and create a building that appears inevitable and effortlessly designed.