master planning

Wallfort City Master Planning

Raipur, India, 2008
Site Area   :   57,346 sqm
Building Type   :   Mixed development with retail, villas & condominium
Allowable Plot Ratio   :   1.5
Building Height   :   2 - 15 Storey
Gross Floor Area   :   86,019 sqm

Wallfort City is located at Raipur, India, a future township with 14 acres  land area and 57,346 sqm development area. It is a lifestyle development providing a self-contained enclave of 65 residential villas and 84 luxury apartments with supporting community facilities such as retail centre, civic services and park connectors.  It serves as a low density mixed-use neighbourhood town for the city of Raipur.

The Master Plan focuses on open space and green infrastructure integration, creating parks and public spaces for the health and welfare of the residents.   New platform of topography is strategically planned to create dynamic streetscape with careful balance of earth cut and fill.

Combining longstanding patterns of historic Indian development with contemporary vernacular building forms, the plan preserves open spaces while establishing a compact, walkable villages within the neighbourhood.

The planning design offers a stimulating visual and attractive environment for creative interplay of private and public spaces.  The design features public parks, open spaces, colour, texture and robust succulent landscape planting.