Whispering Palms Condominium

Mumbai, India, 2005
Site Area   :   73,900 sqm
Building Type   :   Condominium
Building Height   :   23 Storey + Basement
Gross Floor Area   :   168,746 sqm
Total No. Of Units   :   332


The design of the apartment is at the vanguard of a stylistic contemporary design approach which is beyond the search of the essential. With the reinterpretation of traditional living, the apartment layout redefines the perception of apartment living with more open spaces. The apartment design combines flexibility, functionality and efficiency of a conventional home with the warmth, beauty and contour of modern living space.

Besides extending the Living/Dining space, open concept Dry Kitchen is introduced to give a stylish and chic outlook without compromising or limiting the traditional cooking style with a separate wet kitchen. Spacious master bedroom is fitted with full height window, walk-in wardrobe and designer bathroom with a statement of elegance and exclusivity.


The interior spaces of the 3-bedroom units are designed to capture and convey a distinctive mood and feel. The open concept plan seamlessly unites the living, dining areas and open kitchen into a fluid whole.

Open dry kitchen design concept blurs the sense of internal boundary, extends visual volume and creates dialogue. It has been designed with flexible usage such as breakfast counter/bar counter.

The open balcony stretching the entire width of the living room invites you to step out and enjoy the wonderful views of the lush landscape, while simultaneously bringing daylight into the living room. The interior space is also arranged to optimise the quality of daylight, natural ventilation and views.