NTUC Salsa Club - Union Square

Singapore, 2009
Site Area   :   470 sqm
Usage   :   Club

NTUC Union Square is one of Singapore's premier Latin dance Salsa clubs. Amidst the new LED lights and neo-modern furnishings, the club combines dancing, dining, drinking, and networking within a light-filled interior that vibrates with multimedia and graphic elements.

The glittering entrance mosaic tunnel projects a mystical arrival for the unanticipated interior deco. A 135-metre-long “LED light wall” fabricated of acrylic panels that serves as light transmission media, delineates the 2 sides of the main club space with changing colour. The club is equipped with several types of LED lights and software systems that also control the LED matrix with a total of 330 Individual light points. Additional illumination sources encompass automated theatrical/club luminaires.

The bar counter is featured with a combination of blue acrylic light box below the counter and a retro acrylic light panel at the ceiling giving a centre stage effect for the bar. The seating along the side is set down all the way to the floor level – upholstered in vibrant red PVC leather where guests can lounge between dances or view the action out on the floor.