St John's Home

Singapore, 2016
Site area   :   3,300 sqm
Building Type   :   Elderly Care Centre
Building Height   :   5 storey
Gross Floor Area   :   4,620 sqm

The design involves cultural reintegration of the senior community to the current younger society, meshing of traditional textures with the modern motifs, blending conventional forms with cutting-edge expressions. The modern touch to the facade adapts to the changing preferences and needs by the senior community. Today's seniors have experienced modern architecture, and have adapted to the trend for years.

The general architectural language is being kept linear and compositional as a base for the entire development. Functionality, flexibility, simple lines, generous spaces and a natural elegance are combined to create a space where people feel free to live and play, relax and entertain.

The pavilion's dynamic forms at the communal open space is designed with a twist of curves as an injection of surprise and contrast to the linear block. Social spaces are delineated through the use of soft and organic curve, designed to meet the dual needs of residents while giving expression to the beauty of harmonious architecture. It is paired with the soft organic landscape to create a complementary union with the traditional horizontal and vertical lines.