Kuwait Embassy

Singapore, 2009
Site Area   :   434.03 sqm
Building Type   :   Commercial Office
Building Height   :   5 Storey + 1 basement car park
Gross Floor Area   :   1,773.84 sqm

E9AP's design presents significant design consideration that define the interrelation between modern architecture and cultural value of Kuwait as the key design cerebration.  Underpinning this discourse is the awareness of the value of history and evolving architectural movement.  It is in the spirit of exploration and reinvention that E9AP has created the dynamic design approach of the concept design for the Embassy of Kuwait in Singapore.

“Kuwait” is derivative from an Arabic word meaning “fortress built near water”, thus inspiring a design that is simultaneously protective and evocative in form – a design that is impenetrable like the walls of a stone fort.

The dark grey structural core and external walls envelop the volume of the building, lending an air of authority and dignity to the structure, differentiating it from the low-rise shophouses along the street. These walls are cladded with low-maintenance aluminium panels that form a random and visually ascending pattern that provides a rich texture to the exterior of the building. These boldly expressed structural elements are an allusion to a strength in principles of the State of Kuwait.

The front facade is expressed as a lively composition of glass boxes which are emblematic of Kuwait's modernity. The rhythm of these boxes is complemented by a syncopated randomness of the glass curtain wall elements, relaying a message of progress and technological advancement. The sense of movement generated by the facade reminds one of the fluidity and ever-changing nature of the water of the Kuwait Bay.