Lokhandwala Commercial Complex

Mumbai, India, 2007
Site Area   :   4,700 sqm
Building Type   :   Office & Retail
Building Height   :   4 Storey
Gross Floor Area   :   6,580 sqm

This is a retrofitting project converting an existing school/retail development to a modern commercial complex.  A new multi-storey entrance block is created to provide independent access for the office space on the upper floors.  The existing courtyard on the ground floor is redesigned to integrate with new landscape and water feature, extending the retail experience to the outdoor urban plaza.

The facade is clearly and intricately expressed in a tightly composed manner,  exhilarating the building facade extension that reads like an urban pavilion.  A glass box is being carefully design to protrude from the existing banal building block, leaving a linear forecourt space flanked on its other side by a glass screen facade wall. 

An enticing entry sequence is invented with a series of exciting views through the various parts of the entrance block with a contrasting curvilinear solid form protruding from the facade at the ground level.