Causeway Point Shopping Centre

Singapore, 2014
Site Area   :   15,860.60 sqm
Building Type   :   Shopping / Entertainment
Building Height   :   7 Storey + 3 basement
Gross Floor Area   :   58,450.79 sqm

Create family orientated retail experience
The design focuses on retail experiences for shopping as a leisure and pleasure for all families and age groups to feature a lifestyle one-stop neighbourhood shopping centre crowned with a rooftop terrace and wet play area.

Design architecture as retail 'stage set'
The retail gallery employs architecture as a retail 'stage set' for the shoppers' experience. Architecture is among the requisite show effects. The shopping experience is translated through theatrical visual merchandising, events and spectacle.

Increase experience/entertainment value
The renovation of the mall aims to enhance shopper's experience both spatially and visually through its contemporary and stylish design approach. The mall is redeveloped with high experience/entertainment value in order to attract a larger number of customers to prolong their shopping duration and enhance the generation of income.

Invent effective branding
As the direct mediator of the brand experience, the retail spaces must themselves be effectively branded, right down to the smallest detail. They are designed to communicate a distinctive message and emotional identity. Hardware and soft values are incorporated in subtle suggestive persuasion strategies that guide visitors through the product world, directing and steering their attention in positively dynamic fashion, lighting, aroma, time and temperature are important factors, with the intention to stimulate the customer purchasing behavior.

Balanced retail mix
The target customer must be enthralled by the product range, price and image projected by the ambiance in the mall, and in doing so, expectations must be exceeded to create the Wow! Factor.